Jiangnan Cheng

M.S./Ph.D. Student
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

351 Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Email: jc3377 at cornell dot edu

Phone: 607-319-9824


I received my B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2017. I joined the M.S./Ph.D. program at Cornell as a Jacobs Fellow in the Fall of 2017. I am a member of the Networks Group led by Dr. Kevin Tang. My research interests include computer network and its optimization.

Teaching Assistant

ECE 2200 Signals and Information (FA 19, SP 21)
ECE 3100 Introduction to Probability and Inference for Random Signals and Systems (SP 20)
ECE 4450 Computer Networks and Telecommunications (FA 20)
ECE 5800 Control and Optimization of Information Networks (FA 20, FA 19)


CS 4410 Operating Systems
CS 4411 Practicum in Operating Systems
CS 4450 Introduction to Computer Networks
CS 4820 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
CS 5412 Cloud Computing
CS 5780 Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems
CS 5786 Machine Learning for Data Science
CS 6241 Numerical Methods for Data Science
CS 6450 Advanced Computer Networking
CS 7450 Computer Networks a Decade from Now
ECE 4110 Random Signals in Communications and Signal Processing
ECE 5555 Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control
ECE 5620 Fundamentals of Data Compression
MATH 6210 Measure Theory and Lebesgue Integration
ORIE 6300 Mathematical Programming I